Martina Ipša was one of the people that helped create the stand up comedy scene in Slovenia and 18 years later she is still present and stronger than ever.

After more than 2000 performances in three languages, she is regarded as the best female comedian in her country and one of the best in the region. She has also created two TV shows, written three plays, co-written two movie screenplays, was working as a morning show radio host and hosted a cooking talk show.

She was one of the comedians featured in the show Stand up and more that was aired on Comedy Central and has recorded her own 20-minute TV special, that was aired on national TV and got great reviews. She has performed at all the biggest stand up comedy festivals in the region: Festival Lent, Hit stand up, Festival Panč (SLO), Hit stand up Bosnia, Best of regional stand up (CRO), StandUp Fest (SRB). She has performed in Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Bolgarija, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Srbija, Croatia and of course Slovenia. She was also invited to perform in The Nederlands as one of 6 European stand up comedians in a special European stand up comedy show. In 2022 she also opened for Ari Shaffir for his performance in Ljubljana. Currently she is touring with her special Vsi so nori razen nas (Everyone is crazy except us), that is regarded as her best work to date.

She performs in English, Croatian and Slovenian.